Web Hosting We our honored to now be the exclusive North America partner for the partners of 3D sublimation from PSK psl. PSK srl are the pioneers of products getting decorated in this manner. You can see there website, and the products their machines and Biole films have imaged over the past 11 years, with the focus on production machines that give the absolute best results possible. We will be working closely with them to introduce new products, and showing of products they have imaged over these past 11 years. No other 3D sublimation decoration films available on the market can image products (convex & concave) like their Biole films. Biole films are only sold to decorators that use our PSK srl made machines. Several companies own as many as six PSK srl 3D sublimation machines own as many as 6 machines, using these machines up to 14 hours a day in production decoration, with 100% yield on products decorated. Working together with our trusted associates at PSK srl we can now prove worldwide that we are superior to any other 3D sublimation/dye diffusion decoration technology on the capabilities and results that can now be achieved. We have what what are "proven and reliable" as top ranked, Eco-Friendly, low VOC coatings for sublimation and dye diffusion imaging transfer receiver coatings, focused in the metals, plastics, and 3D decorations markets. We have worked in proving the best solutions for imaging onto metals, plastics, woods, glass, and many other heat tolerant surfaces which have been proven to be superior in adhesion, depth of color, and final product protection to any other coatings on the market, for flat, 2D, and 3D sublimation imaging. Today our coatings are applied on over hundreds of thousands of pieces each week, under operations we have set up. Email us about your needs in 3D sublimation and coatings capabilites and consulting.

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