Web Hosting Welcome to our link of 3D posters, dangles, money trays, wobblers, invitations, and much more. We manufacturer these "with our talented sculputure artist that started the technology" for high-end 3D products. We produce these products with high quality graphic printed using offset litho technology on our proprietary materials, in either .03, .04, or .05 mm in thickness, which various depths of 3D relief. We can also build in layers and back fill with hard molding compounds. We also build these for "backlit" displays where the LED or EL lighting come through the 3D relief panels. Here is their direct link from our associates at 3D Posters, where you need to look over our minimums and specs, and much more. Over the past 15+ years of making these products, no other company in the world can even come close to making 3D relief products with our quality and expertise shown within our products. You have to "see" for yourself the quality and expertise in our 3D products. When you feel and touch and see products like our "Hamburger" you can almost smell and taste the products "they are that life-like". We manufacturer these products globally with global companies to introduce their new product lines, to introduce new movies and invitations, and now with so many 3D movies coming to market, our 3D posters have been extremely successful in promotion of the "3D" films. You can "feel" the 3D effect by running your hands over the raise effect. It is really "bring your graphics and artwork to life". Each job is specific to the artwork/graphic/logo or product our customers are wanting. Samples of some of our designs are also available for purchase. Email us at

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