Web Hosting We pride our company as being the first company to introduce direct flatbed printing to the U.S. market over 6 years ago, before the now popular "direct to garment" printers were even talked about as an imaging possibility. Lip Chip Solutions, Inc. first started with Mastermind Co. LTD. from Japan (the originators of Epson based direct printing technology) as the lead sales associate for Kissei America who first introduced these printers. Our company has worked in development and research with the manufacturer of these machines (bought and sold the first machines ever made for the U.S. market). Today we work with Impression Technologies Pty, LTD., which is regarded as one of the top imaging innovation companies worldwide, and their DTG Digital ( printers. The inks which we use are the superior solution for direct to product/garment printers. In our six plus year time span we have printed with everything from small photo units (a special order golf ball printer) up to large format units (74" wide with roll printing). Some of the first products we were printing directly into on onto the surfaces of included products like puzzles, fabric/garments, woods, metals, leathers, acrylics, plastics, glass, canvas and others. Today we work with these companies in the testings of inks for a better "white" ink solution (our NEW "WIMS" (White Ink Management System), give the absolute best "white" inks garment printing on the market. Email us:

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