Our company was named "Lip Chip Solutions" from our past extensive experience of working with sound chips (embedded in products) technologies. We can decorate/image all polyester based sublimation coated surfaces and blanks. We can handle everything from the small to extremely large volume orders. We have worked with fabrics, metals, ceramics, Unisub products, glass "through the white" cutting boards, clocks, coasters, (as our company introduced these to the sublimation market through Conde Systems). If we can't decorate your product as it is, we have coatings that will allow for your products to get imaged. Please email us about your needs for the coating of products. When it comes to Ceramic Laser Toners, we pride ourselves as being one of the top developers and worldwide solutions providers to this technology. Today, we work as CTG USA (North America Division of CTG PrintTEC. CTG is "Computer To Glass". We are the "only" company worldwide currently doing both "direct and indirect / including decal production" with our toners. We now have the absolute best CLC (Color Laser Copier) Canon 1140, 1160, 1180 (A3 sized), Ricoh Aficio SP C2800/3300DN, and other CLC solutions on ceramics, porcelains, and new toners for glass and enamel metals in summer 2010. Our company was the first to introduce DTG (Direct to Garment) and direct to product printing with flatbed printers, and continue today with DTG Digital (Impression Technology- Direct Flatbed Manufacturer) to introduce new inks "including the white ink solutions and their patented "WIMS" (White Ink Management Systems)technology" and their new patented "One Pass Fast", where the white ink and 4 colors are printed simultaneously. In March 2010 we became the exclusive North America partner of PSK srl (, which are the 3D sublimation pioneers. When it comes to 3D sublimation, we have been doing it longer than any other company in North America. Now that we are partnered with PSK srl, we will be able to provide the absolute best possible solution to the 3D imaging of both convex & concave products. In July 2009 we became a Sales Agency for California Lasers ( in introducing their new IntelliMark II laser technology. The fastest small footprint laser in the world. We also work with them in their abilities of contract manufacturing for global companies, and doing the laser/engraving marking, water jet cutting, laser welding, and much more. Email me at: In July 2009 we also introduced 3D relief poster printing. Today we are working with global companies in their POP and marketing divisions to produce some of the absolute "awesome" 3D relief poster products ever made. Our 3D artists that design these products have perfected this technology, of which we have an exclusive agreement with, can produce products better than any company in the world. They actually bring your artwork, logos, graphics, "to life". As you run your hands over the 3D relief poster, you can feel the screws, the wires, the lips, and true to life aspects that make you feel the graphics. Email us about your interest at: Thank you for visiting us at (also visit our showcase website at as we look forward to hearing from you and learning and sharing with the different technologies we work with.